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i talk about this in my act, and it's reverse racism, theoretically white men that -- >> sean: we got to go. did i mention he works for jon stewart? >> i'm a monkey guy. i'm nothing. >> sean: greta's next. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight a real cliff-hanger, starring guess who. you, and of course the rest of us. we're all on the edge of this fiscal cliff. >> we don't think that raising tax rates is something that's good for this economy, that will help grow jobs. and so what we have said is there are ways for the federal government to have more revenue if we grow this economy and engage in tax reforms. >> every economist i respect says if you raise tax rates at this time -- in fact the president said that a couple years ago -- that it harms the economy. we're trying to help the economy. and so unless i can be convinced that raising tax rates will be
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beneficial, then obviously i think there's reason and grounds for my position. >> the truth is this country does not need to go through this fiscal cliff, which is fundamentally a huge tax increase and very little spending cuts. we're favoring a huge automatic tax increase that needs to be changed. >> bottom line we can't go off the fiscal cliff. democrats have harry reid. we have mitch mcconnell. get them in the room. no one gets all they want. if reagan and o'neill could do it, obama and boehner should be able to do it. >> it's the right approach, the one most beneficial for our economy, that protects the middle class and strengthens it and creates ladders of opportunity for those who aspire to the middle, to get there. >> it's time for the president to present a plan that rises above the reckless and radical voices on the hard left, that
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goes beyond the talking points of the campaign trail, and that has a realistic chance of passing the congress. the time, in other words, for campaigning is over. it's time for the president to lead. >> when you're $16 trillion in debt, the only pledge we should be making to each other is to avoid becoming greece. and republicans should put revenue on the table. so i agree we shouldn't raise rates, but grover is wrong when it comes to we can't cap deductions and buy down debt. what do you do with the money? i will violate the pledge, long story short, for the good of the country, only if democrats will do entitlement reform. >> greta: and senator lindsey graham joins us. before we get to the fiscal cliff, you have a meeting tomorrow. why? >> she asked to meet with us, and i will listen to say about
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her role in benghazi. i can tell you this, the more i learn about benghazi the more upset i am that the consulate was open on september 11th, when you look at the history, the reporting out of libya about the dangers, should never have been opened, or heavily reinforced. during the attack, i'm more concerned than ever why we couldn't help the people for more than seven hours. after the attack, the story we were told about a spontaneous event caused by video, where a mob turned into a riot, is less credible than ever. before you i want to listen to her side of the story. >> is it your thoughts -- set aside ambassador rice for a second -- but are you satisfied that the administration is providing information to the committees on capitol hill or -- >> absolutely not. they're stonewalling at every turn. they ran out the clock before the election. the president says now that the election is over, we'll cooperate. the most basic information about what happened on the night of the attack, and what survivors
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had to say after the attack is not being provided, and we'll talk more about that tomorrow. but long story short is i know very little from this administration about what happened in benghazi. what i'm finding out on my money makes me very upset. >> greta: is ambassador rice trying to test the waters if she's nominated? >> i have no idea, but i'll be glad to talk to her. again, it's not just about her. why did the president seven days after she spoke write this off as a video-inspired event when it's pretty clear to everybody early on this is a terrorist attack, in a coordinated way. there was no mob that turned into a riot. the riot that i've seen doesn't include heavy weapons and mortar trucks. >> greta: do i take it you're going to ask her direct questions? >> i'm going to ask her straight, direct questions because it's my job. president obama had no problem challenging the bush administration. the bush administration made a lot of mistakes.
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when i went to iraq with john mccain, we didn't come back and say all was well. john mccain asked for rumsfeld to resign. the storyline given by the bush administration wasn't accurate based by what we saw on the ground. the storyline given by this administration about libya doesn't match up with what happened on the ground. >> greta: doesn't match up, or a lie and deceitful? >> that's what we're trying to figure out. the more i look into what we were telling us on the 16th, the 18th, the 25th, days after the attack, the more it sounds like a political smoke screen. >> greta: are you going to ask probing question? >> we would be well served to have one group of senators from all the relevant committees interview each witness, compare notes. the d.o.d., department of state,
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cia, should be interviewed by select committees to get the same story from each group >> okay, the fiscal cliff, if we don't do something by the end of the year, taxes go up on everybody. the child tax change, the marriage tax changes. everybody gets hit and hard. the military will get major-league cut, beginning january 2013, it will be the smallest navy since 1915, the smallest air force in the history of the country. so doing nothing is a catastrophe. here's what i think is fair to ask the republicans. we have 15% of gdp in revenue.
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the historical average is 18% going to the federal government. one way to get more money is cap deductions. if you limit deductions to $50,000 per punish person, to take care of the missed-class person and then some, you could raise $750 billion in new revenue. to do what? to pay down the debt. we need more money to get out of debt. and to lower tax rates for corporate rates and other rates to create more jobs. i am willing to put revenue on the table to pay down debt and create a better economy. but my democratic friends have to reform entitlements. what will make us grief is not raising taxes or medicare or social security n. 30 years, medicare and medicaid alone will consume all the revenue coming in taxes. these are unsustainable entitlement programs.
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they have to be reformed to save the program and to keep the country from going into a greek-reich status. there are $8.6 trillion of unfunded like the in social security. to make it solvent the next 75 years, you valid to put $8 trillion in the bank today. for medicare, it's three times that, so if you don't reform entitlements, you will never avoid the coming grief. post-election, democrats have the wind behind their back, the president does on this. is there any appetite for this or is it going to be a bloodbath? >> a lot of democrats understand that medicare -- social security runs out of money in 2033. medicare runs out of money in 2024. so these programs literally go bankrupt. if you want to save them, you have to restructure them. younger people need to work longer. me and you, we make enough money to pay more into the system without losing our quality of life. age adjustment and means testing will help save these programs.
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but when i mention putting more revenue on the table, i put one condition on it. i want the other side to do something, too. reform entitlements like at this pointipo'neill did to reform sol security. it's going to swamp us in the future and the program will go bankrupt. why would you just raise revenue and not deal with what got us into $16 trillion in debt to begin with, and that is entitlements programs that are unsustainable. i expect my party to do something hard and uncomfortable only if the other party will, and together we need to reform entitlements. >> greta: senator, thank you. always nice to see you, sir. what does mean congressman mccarthy saying harry reid is walking us off the cliff. today senator harry reid took to
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the floor and said, "we could solve the greatest emergency facing the nation today if the house would agree to freezing tax rates for 90% of american families and 90% of american businesses." >> we have a bill sitting on his tax that extends all the tax rates, and we could find special look holes to bring the revenue the president wants, but actually look at tax reform overall in 2014, but also find the places to cut the spending where the president says he wants a balanced approach, at least 2 1/2 cuts for every 1. those are the things we could start working on together. this is politics what harry reid is doing. the american public is tired of politics. it's time we sit down and solve the problem. >> greta: what do you think he gains by saying that? when he took the slap at the house, i thought, really? if there's any chance at negotiating something, both sides have to stop shooting at
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each other. >> to me, that's an approach to take you off the fiscal cliff. i think what the president is doing, what the speaker are doing what, did they do over the weekend? they talked together over the phone. did you see them sitting down at a table together? you saw them shaking hands. you watch the president -- or you watched the speaker right after the election and say here's revenues. we want to continue tax rates, but you need revenues. republicans are putting revenues on the table. where are the cuts to government to gets us to solve the problem? if you just do the tax rate, you don't solve anything. gout to bring more revenue n but at the same time you got to control the spending of government. that's the best way to solve the problem once and for all. >> greta: what's your position on raising tax rates on the very wealthy? >> i don't think the tax rates solve the problem. >> greta: does that mean a no? >> revenue. we'll give you more revenue by closing loopholes. >> greta: does that mean no the tax rates? >> you want to solve the problem. i'm tired of just saying -- look, if you do the tax rates, that gets you $31 billion.
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>> greta: 8 1/2 days of funding of the government. i realize it's a hot point, whether people will come off the pledge or not. >> you want to solve the problem, why do you pick a little thing such as that when you want to harm the economy? the president had the same decision two years ago when democrats controlled all. he said don't raise the tax rates in a down economy, because most economists will tell you can harm the economy. he wants revenue. we put revenue on the table. you can get more revenue, but if you can find cuts in government you can start solving the problem. don't you want to solve the problem overall instead of have rhetoric? >> greta: i understand senator harry reid's position, taking to the floor, making that statement, it's not a handshake by any means. the president has said he will not sign any bill that doesn't increase the tax rates. will he come off that if the -- >> well -- >> greta: i realize your revenue statement. but if he won't come off that, are we at a stalemate?
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>> i also saw the president -- in his last press conference, he was asked that specific question. that wasn't his his answer was he's willing to sit down and listen to any ideas that the republicans have on ways to gain revenues. it's just starting. and that's the right approach. look at the approach that the speaker took. here are revenues that you asked for. now, mr. president, why don't we start talking about the spending cuts which you said you wanted a balanced approach, 2 1/2 to 1. we're spending a lot of time on this revenue, that's eight days, and no time on how to rereally reforreform it. >> greta: has the president or any democrat come to you with spending cuts at all? >> i haven't seen them yet. i'm more than willing to listen to them. i want to see them. i think that doesn't solve the whole problem. you need overall tax reform in 2014, but this is a great way, a way to start the process. look, you can't continue to borrow about 8% of your gdp for
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less than 2% growth. you don't make that up in volume. you even get worse. that's the process that we're in. we're spending way too much time on a small item when you should solve the overall. >> greta: this problem sort of erupted in its latest eruption in july and august of 2011, a year and a half ago. >> okay. >> greta: we're now coming up against this directly o directle sequestration. it doesn't the house and president from doing something every single month until now, and now we're up against the deadline. >> judge the house on passing a bill that made sure the tax cuts wouldn't go up. >> greta: as the months and days, yell about the president, the months and days that went by, nothing was being done. >> to be fair, i did, sometimes even on your show. i have a frustration with the senate. look, i don't want to bash the senate, i want to solve the
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problem. that's why we've come to the table. there's three weeks to go here. what harry reid did today was wrong. that's walking us off the cliff. we've offered revenue. we need to see spending cuts. remember small business drives this economy. this economy is weak. if you raise rates, the majority of small businesses run as an s corporation. their taxes will go as high as 40%. we're at our lowest point in 17 years of starting new jobs through small business. smallest startup. that means the economy looks bad. let's help them grow new jobs so you don't have to raise the rates. give the revenue the president wants that we've sat down and said this is a better way to do, protecting the economy, but let's see the spending cuts. we're at the table. we want to solve the problem. harry reid is looking like a different path, but you leave it up to republicans, we'll get the job done. >> greta: congressman, nice to see you, sir. good luck solving this, because it's serious. thank you, sir. tonight, new demands for answers
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from the obama administration, congressmen writing a letter directly to leon panetta, wanting to know why it took so long to send help to benghazi. congressman chaffetz, you wrote a letter. i'm curious if you expect an answer. >> i'm tired of written letters. wide receiver written letter after letter, exercised as much patience as we can. it's passing the election, thanksgiving, and it's time for the administration to step up, do what the president said they're doing, being open and transparent, but they're not. we're not getting the an-wers. >> greta: all right. why don't you just summon secretary of defense panetta to a committee hearing? >> we're getting to the verge of that. darrell issa has been exceptionally patient, but we're
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getting to the point where we'll issue subpoenas. it's obvious they won't give us the answers we deserve to have. >> greta: what's the justification for being patient? four americans were murdered. and there have been -- stories have been put out there that simply are not believable, the one being the video which is not believable, the administration admits is not believable. it's been four months since four americans were murdered. i don't understand the patience just to get the straightnswer. >> believe me, the last thing i want to do is talk to greta van sustern on fox news and talk about. we should have been demanding these answers right at the get-go. but the president would speak to the face, if there's new information, we provide it willingly to the congress. that's not happened. the state department had the gal to photocopy some pages from the internet and present those to us as if they're new information. thank goodness for those whistleblowers, because that's the bulk of the information that we have thus far. >> greta: do you have access to
10:18 pm
these whistleblowers to be summoned to the hill? i mean, there are some people who were witnesses on the ground that day, and who were at the consulate annex. do you know who they are, and are you considering getting their information? >> yes. i had some telephone conversations with somebody today as a matter of fact. now, the more difficult part is some of the people that are still serving overseas. we're trying to get the full, complete picture, as much as we possibly can. remember, we're dealing in these different silos between the cia, the state department, the white house, the misinformation that's been put out there. and then we also have to, you know, allow staff to do the due diligence on these whistleblowers, make sure they're giving us the information that's proper. so believe me, we're working on this everyone day. we will not let go of it, greta. >> greta: the congress' oversight over the cia, are you satisfied -- i realizes this is classified information, but the committee that does oversight for the cia satisfied they have
10:19 pm
the straight story as to what the cia was doing in benghazi? >> i think mike rogers there, the chairman of the intel committee has done a fabulous job. he's pushing them. there's a lot of information not released to the public. you can understand some of that information has to be kept, so lives aren't lost, people helping us, americans doing good jobs there. but we're looking at the run-up, what happened to the department of defense, did they come to the aid, which appears they didn't, and what happened with all of the deceit what that happened afterwards trying to mislead the world as we moved forward. it's a very complex problem. you can see how news story after news story, we have been revealing more information. that's due to our investigation. >> greta: congressman, thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: straight ahead, senator rand paul is here. he predicts something big and ugly is going to happen. what is it? senator rand paul is here next. also, remember little caylee
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>> senator rand paul bracing something really big and ugly is going to happen. what is he talking? we spoke to senator rand paul a short time ago. senator, nice to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. >> greta: have you heard senator harry reid, or any other democratic senator, suggest any cuts? >> no. that's a real problem. republicans say we're going to
10:24 pm
raise taxes now, go back on our pledge, but i haven't heard any concrete proposals for cutting. also don't think we have to trade tax increases for someone to address entitlements. we're all americans. the entitlement programs are broken. why don't we fix them instead of saying we have to give you a tax increase in order for you to think about fixing the entitlements? >> greta: so what's going to happen. >> i think there will be an enormous ugly bill with a lot of stuff in, including raising the debt ceiling by a couple trillion dollars, they'll squish it into one bill, and sometime before christmas they'll pass it, but i'm not going to vote to raise taxes. i made a pledge to the people of kentucky that i'm not raising taxes. i took a pledge. i signed a statement, an oath that i wouldn't raise taxes. i'm going adhere to it. >> greta: what are you willing to do? is there a discussion of closing loopholes? >> i'm all for reforming the tax code, but at the very best revenue neutral.
10:25 pm
the only way i'd raise revenue through taxes is to get the economy to grow. if your economy was growing -- you know, when the economy was growing for four years after the bush tax cuts, we had plenty of revenue. revenue went down when the recession came. the reason we have a lack of revenue in washington is too much spending and no economic growth. so we don't have economic growth. if the economy were growing at 4% right now, swede plenty of revenue. you don't get the economy to grow by raising taxes. that's what they want to do, and it's absolutely the wrong thing to day. >> greta: why do you think the president, the leadership in the house and senate, can't sit down and work together? it's now december. we knew about this problem with the fiscal cliff since last july/august of 2011, and here we are on the eve of going off the cliff. >> i think part of the problem is -- see, i still disagree with the fundamentals of what people are calling the fiscal cliff. is the fiscal cliff cutting
10:26 pm
spending? the sequester? i don't think it leads to economic harm to cut spending. that's what we should be doing. the other half of the fiscal cliff is taxes will go up. i don't want them to go up. if you raise taxes on the top 1%, that's 50% of the nation's fiscal income. if you don't think raising taxes in a recession is a good idea, why would it be a good idea to raise them on anyone? >> greta: so do you think going off the fiscal cliff would necessarily be a bad thing? >> it would be a bad thing to raise taxes. it doesn't make sense to me. i don't accept that cutting spending is bad for the economy. i think cutting federal spending, which means less borrowing up here, is go for the economy, but i do think taxes going up is a bad thing for the economy. i agree with half of the equation of the fiscal cliff, but i don't agree if taxes going up is bad for the economy why would we only want half of the taxes to go up? >> greta: that's like the reverse of the democrats. i think senator harry reid thinks it's a good thing that
10:27 pm
taxes go up, thinks it's a bad thing that spending -- it's a reverse. >> that's why we're at an impasse. we have different philosophies of government. you shouldn't spend more than comes in, and under lower taxes, not raise the taxes. if you want to stimulate the economy, i want to lower taxes, because that's how we get actually more economic growth and maybe more revenue, if you cut tax rates. >> greta: only a month past the election, but we're sort of curious. are you considering or would you think of running for president? >> it's too early to tell. we've got a lot of things we have to do in the next couple of years. i still want to try to fix some of the programs we have. i'd like to save social security by reforming it. same with medicare. i have bills that do both. i think we as republicans have to start talking bases a party become a bigger party. we have to acing tract more people. we have a lot of work to do in the african american community, a lot of work to do in the
10:28 pm
hispanic community. i will talk about these things. i want to be part of the national debate. you know, i've said i don't deny that i'm interested in maybe running for president, but it's way too early to make a firm commitment on whether i would or wouldn't. >> greta: would your father help you, i suppose? >> i think i can count on him. >> greta: thank you, sir. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, a dead child, caylee anthony, most fingers pointing to her own mother casey. a jury found casey not guilty, but now a shocking police mistake and new evidence uncovered. would the new evidence have changed the verdicts in former detective mark fuhrman is here therenext. also many republicans say it's time for change. tonight a new republican candidate is about to put that theory to the test, and she's here to tell you all about it two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf.
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>> greta: new evidence in the casey anthony case.
10:32 pm
the florida sheriff's office now admitting it overlooked a computer search, one that everyone agrees could have been crucial to the prosecution. police say their investigator missed an internet search for foolproof suffocation methods. the search was done by someone in the anthony home on june 16th, 2008. that's the last day 2-year-old caylee anthony was seen alive. the bombshell is of course rising lots of questions. who did the search? why didn't the evidence get to prosecutors? the burning question, could the evidence have changed the verdict in former lapd detective mark fuhrman joining us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> greta: i can't imagine anything more damming than that computer search on the last day the child was seen. i'm curious, how does this get overlooked? >> i have no idea. you would think, you have a child that's missing, whether she's kidnapped or you suspect she's been murdered, she is missing on a certain day, and that's where it should start,
10:33 pm
and work backward in time from there. you should start there. you shouldn't work from the time that you discovered the child is missing a month later or two weeks later or three weeks later and try to work back to that time. so i think it's huge, greta. i mean, there's something that is really not been stated by the press here, is the mother left for work before the father. the father left for work and checked into his job as a security guard. then the computer search was run. the only person in the house was casey anthony. >> greta: and in fact there's also a search at 2:52, after the foolproof suffocation was done at 2:51. at 2:52, the browser record indicates activity on myspace, a website she frequently used, that her father did not. the only reason we mention the father is because the defense tried to cast suspicion on george, that he was no good.
10:34 pm
that was one of the efforts during the try. what's so terrible about this is that they actually knew enough to seize the computer. they didn't have enough intelligence or smarts to actually search it, search the computer. >> well, greta, i'm not the person to be talking about how you get information out of a hard drive, but there are people that are forensic people that can do that. certainly this case pivoted -- this was a major part of proving the cause/method of death of caylee anthony was this computer search. you couldn't prove it because the body was too far decomposed to do an autopsy that would prove cause of death, so they were pivoting on the chloroform in the vehicle and these -- these indications there was a search for chloroform on the internet. i have a feeling that that's when the search stopped, or the motivation for the search, almost that now we've got corroboration for the forensics
10:35 pm
and the car, enough said. >> greta: the trial prosecutor jeff ashton is quoted as saying, it's just a shame we didn't have. this would certainly have put the accidental death claim in serious question. the decomposition, that was the main problem that the prosecution had, they couldn't show she was murdered, only that she had died, but they couldn't show the causation. this would presumably been a piece of circumstantial evidence, which is nonetheless powerful circumstantial evidence that the prosecution just didn't have. >> you're absolutely correct, greta. when you look at this, the prosecution was trying to prove that the child was suffocated, that she was smothered, and duct tape was the evidence they were using over her nose and mouth. so if you have this computer search just hours before the child is missing, now you have duct tape found on the body at that time, it does fit. i think the jury would have
10:36 pm
been -- i think they would have been very troubled trying to adjudicate that on behalf of casey anthony. >> greta: people out there might wonder, can't she be retried, and the answer is double jeopardy, constitutional clause, so casey anthony won't be retried, she will be living with this. i'm sort of curious, her family, her parents, issued a statement tonight, but think how troubling for the parents who want to believe their daughter didn't murder their grand child, and then they read about this. i mean, the only thing is -- there's so many tragic ramifications of this besides the fact that this child was murdered. >> absolutely. you can't blame this on the defense. the prosecution, detective work -- i don't think you should lay all the blame on the sheriff's department, either, or the lead dick. they had a task force of 10 to 12 detectives on this from three agencies, but the prosecutor
10:37 pm
should be doing checks and balances with those detectives all the time, asking them are you sure? can we go over that again? we need more. and they had trouble from this while they were in trial, and this evidence coming up during trial certainly would have helped. >> greta: indeed. i think it probably would have helped. i think everyone's pretty much in agreement on that. mark, as always, thank you. coming up after the election, many republicans admitting obamacare is the law of the land, but did they speak too soon? there's big healthcare law news tonight, and that is next. in two minutes, it's happening again. but this time it's not charlie sheen ranting against "two and a half men." which of the show's stars is now telling viewers stop watching. you'll see for yourself two minutes away. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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popular sitcom. 19-year-old titus jones had this to say. >> jake from "two and a half men" means nothing. he's a nonexistent character. "two and a half men," if you watch it, please stop watching "2 1/2 mean." i'm on "two and a half men." i don't want to be on it. please stop watching it please stop filling your head with filth. >> greta: jones says the sitcom contradicts his christian remarkable buvalues, but has ple since 2003. this comes a year and a half after charlie sheen's rant against the show and its accuraciors.bass pro shops h ideas at huge savings during our cyber week sale at check in every day for amazing web buster specials.
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been exhumed. earlier this year, a lethal radioactive substance was found on clothing said to be his. palestinian officials have claimed that he was poisoned by israel. a charge the israeli government denies. i'm apse, now back to "on the record" with greta. thanks for watching. agreeing the election may be over, but the fight against obamacare is not. teed the supreme court orderingly an appeals court to consider liberty universities' objection to the healthcare law, arguing it violates their religious freedom. does the supreme court decision breathe new life into the healthcare battle? joining us rick klein, a.b. sad studdard, and john mccormick. rick, they're chipping away at this. >> keeps coming back. this is largely settled in the
10:44 pm
courts. pieces of obamacare are very challengeable. the big challenge is i think the supreme court took care of the most significant of them. i don't expect this to go very far. political energy-wise i don't think it serves the critics of the obamacare law to fight this out. this is the law of the land, here to stay. the president won re-election. there's no realistic chance of this being offer the books in the foreseeable future. i think they have to change really the focus of trying to take down this law. >> greta: a.b., you can talk about that, or the fact that jill kelley, the socialite in tampa in the petraeus/broadwell spat has had her honorary counsel pulled by the country of south korea. >> it's devastating, absolutely. >> greta: devastating? >> really is, but i need to add to the healthcare, because republicans know they'll not going to get a repeal bill with president obama re-elected, but conservative opposition to this
10:45 pm
has not softened at all, and looking to target implementation, implementation of this law. it's going to be very difficult. everyone looks how the benefits will kick in, and obamacare supporters believe it will just grow more popular. we saw on election night, it was split perfectly down the line, those who wanted a repeal, those who didn't. we're really looking at a problem implementing the act. as you see republicans, you know, hold oversight hearings, investigate how it's being implemented in the 16 states with republican governors don't want to create the exchanges that the law set up, i think it's going to be very difficult. i think through midterm election of '14 you'll see an attempt by conservatives still to hope there's a republican president next time around, and as they say that the law just literally collapses under it. >> greta: i don't understand why the states would want to set up the exchanges. it costs them money, and they have no control. why not defer to the feds? yet the feds seem to do
10:46 pm
everything they can to have the states bring up the exchanges. >> a number of republican governors are refusing to implementing obamacare. if the states don't implement these changes, taxes don't go into effect, the individual mandate doesn't go into effect, around the subsidy don't go into effect. the letter of the entire law could come crashing down. that's the greater thing, a state level action. i think that could bring the whole thing down. we just don't know. the obama administration is going forward, saying this is an oversight, we'll set up these exchanges as usual and proceed. there will be a fight over that. i don't know how that will end up in the courts. >> greta: rick, ambassador rice will meet tomorrow with three u.s. senators, her biggest critics. why is she doing that. >> charm offense. the president has made it clear that he's confident in her leadership. they realize she has a problem in the senate.
10:47 pm
she may have gotten off to a serious wrong foot with the comments after the benghazi attack. she has to convince her critics. we're seeing mccain and others back down a little bit from the saber-rattling. >> greta: i think they're winding up to ask her questions. >> senator mccain said i'll do whatever it is to stop her. now he wants to hear her story. she has rough relationships with members of congress that predate this, and she has to wor work on that to be confirmable. >> greta: senator kerry wanted to be secretary of state. looks like he'll be passed over a second time. >> i find that stunning, that, a, in the middle of a crisis -- i mean the fiscal cliff, whatever we're going through in 2005, when george w. bush wanted to nominate harriet miers, and it was killed off by conservatives, we're in a serious career, anserious crisie
10:48 pm
president is throwing grease on the fire with this. i'm surprised he wants to go with it, when kerry is waiting in the wings, helping the president as much as he can, and clearly obviously qualified for the position, and he's trying to put him over in the secretary of defense job that senator kerry has indicated he's not interested in. >> greta: john, i don't get to hear your thoughts. we got to go. panel, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, are big changes store for the republican party? one candidate may be a sign of what's ahead. you'll meeeeeeeeee this holiday, share everything. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices
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>> greta: the presidential election raising big questions about the future of the republican party. many asking if the republican party needs to be more inclusive and expand its base. today a republican pro-choice congresswoman announcing she will run for the u.s. senate in 2014. is it a sign the gop is taking a new direction? representative shelley moore csssudo joins us. good evening. i understand i should say happy birthday as well. >> good evening. thank you for the birthday wish. i was trying to forget about that. >> greta: big day today, you nicolmake the announcement, andt
10:53 pm
hit from both sides. your thoughts about that? >> well, i mean, a senate race is a big race. i'm more interested in taking a west virginia voice to washington rather than those washington voices telling west virginians who and how they should decide to send to the united states senate. i'm up for the race. i know it will be a big challenge. it tells me if i'm getting hit from both sides, i must be doing something right. >> greta: the discussion about sort of remaking the republican party, that it needs to examine itself, look at itself, but there are a lot of people in the republican party who don't want to do that, who still think that there's certain principles to adhere to. so what is the future of the republican party? how do you see it? >> i think the future of the party is very bright. i was very frustrated in the last election with all the talk about women not being interested in the programs that the gop has to offer, because for me, as a
10:54 pm
woman, a mother, a grandmother, a sandwich generation taking care of my parents, i see the republican ideas for growth and opportunity and jobs as a much better platform for the future opportunities for our children and grandchildren, and to keep the programs that are sustaining my parents viable for future generations. so we just have to make the case better. i think we need to broaden our tent, watch how we're using our language. i'm very excited to be the first one out of the gate in west virginia to add more diversity to the west virginia delegation, also to the united states senate. >> greta: what do you see as the single biggest difference between you and the incumbent democrat senator rockefeller? >> well, i think the single biggest difference between us is he believes government is the solution. i believe that the solutions lie here in west virginia with great ideas. the other difference is we have an energy sector here in west
10:55 pm
virginia that is absolutely being hammered by the obama administration. i've been fighting in the house to try to protect our jobs. we have lost thousands of jobs in our coal industry. we also have a very vibrant natural gas industry that i want to protect. that's good for our state, our economics, but it's also good for the energy security of the nation. i think he has much different views on this. healthcare is another big one. i don't agree with the president's health plan as it's moving forward. i think west virginians agree with me there. they don't want to see a big expansion into their healthcare. there are a lot of differences. >> greta: it's going to be interesting race to watch. if we had more time, we would go into sort of the history, the political history in your state, because that makes it equally as interesting with your family and senator rockefeller. we'll save that for another day. >> sounds great, greta. thank you. >> greta: thank you. and coming up, your last call. it's a sight that you have never seen before. a house is holding up trafffffff
10:56 pm
have a good night. re you go. you, too.
10:57 pm
i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we stilneed your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, it's time for last call. an urgent warning in china a five story house is stand smack in the middle of a highway. the government decided to build through a neighborhood it offered homeowners compensation to relocate. two families said no. they said compensation wasn't enough to rebuild somewhere else, so, they stayed. the government just built

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